Modern Warfare 3: Is the Osprey Gunner killstreak overpowered?

Product-Reviews writes: Those respawning really do not have much chance of getting out of the way of the Osprey Gunner, maybe a good idea would have been to make respawned players immune to the Osprey Gunner for a few seconds so they can run for cover. Should Infinity Ward tweak the Osprey Gunner to do less damage and protect respawned players more in the next patch update or not?

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tr00p3r2299d ago

That killstreak shown in the vid is probably a good reason why many prefer Battlefield 3 over MW3.

Obviously the other team is stupid for not taking it out of the sky, but it still looks ridiculous for those respawning, how can you defend that?

Virus2012299d ago

No it's not over powered. But there is always a group of individuals that aren't as good at the game, so they claim it's over-powered, complain to the developers, and ruin a good game.

Two Example: Sawed off Shotgun in Gears 3
AK 74u in Call of Duty Black Ops

I'm surprised no one complained to Infinity Ward how the ACR was "too accurate".

NarooN2297d ago

I dunno what dimension you're from, but the AK74u in Blops was ridiculously overpowered. No recoil, more powerful than the AK47 somehow, which itself was weaker than the M16 (dunno how a 7.62x39 is weaker than a 5.56, and dunno how 5.45 is more powerful than both of those), and everyone used it over anything. It deserved its nerf, but that game was terrible overall so it doesn't matter.

And a lot of people complained about the ACR railcannon in MW2. It had no recoil, but then again, the only gun in the entire game that did have recoil was the F2000, so it was a moot complaint.

LightSamus2298d ago

It's the same thing as Chopper Gunners in past CoDs really.

AG-Mike2298d ago

Yeah not really sure why this is a complaint versus anything that can kill people while they respawn. Chopper Gunners, Hinds, AC-130s etc

Shmotz2298d ago

It isnt. It fires slower than the chopper gunner and takes more hits to kill. On top of the fact it hardly moves around the map much and is very easy to shoot down.

Majin-vegeta2298d ago

My brother who plays cod took it down with a full clip and about half of another clip with L86 Lmg so don't think it's hard.

jjb19812298d ago

Only people who suck complain about it cuz they can't get it. What does suck about it is that NOBODY has a javelin or stinger in their loadout to take it out.

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