Modern Warfare 3 Cheats: Aimbot Hack Too Soon, Where’s Infinity Ward?

Pinoytutorial: Here’s a gameplay showing an aimbot hack used by a player to pawn his targets on Modern Warfare 3. Question is, can Infinity Ward do something about it?

So have you seen someone doing aimbot lately on MW3? Show your comments below.

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TheDarkness2323d ago Show
HSx92323d ago

It's PC what do you expect? There is an aimbot on PC for EVERY GAME, and you can purchase undetectable ones so u don't get caught by Punkbuster or VAC...

Berserk2322d ago

Why would anyone use detectable, doesn't it get you a perm ban?

FlameBaitGod2322d ago

It doesn't have to be detectable by Punkbuster or VAC, people just need to spectate him and he'll get banned.

bviperz2321d ago

What I don't understand is why there is no reporting function built in. The game seems like such a half-ass job where they put more effort into the advertising and hype then they did in game development.

cleanhealthy212321d ago


there is a report player option.

AdmiralSnake2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

Exactly @FlamebaitGod

GraveLord2322d ago

Yup. Console games don't get hacked.
One of the main reason is that they can ban your console from online play.

Chnswdchldrn2322d ago

yea its riskier to do it on console due to the console ban thing, but that doesnt mean they dont get hacked

And it is very risky to do it on PC as well, because your steam account which pretty much has all your games can get banned

annus2322d ago

Haha, the other CoD games would like a word with you. It won't be long till this gets hackers on consoles.

fooxy2322d ago

O yeah ? Go play Cod4 or World at War on xbox...

Gamer-Z2322d ago

Lol GraveLord go play COD4

PotatoClock2322d ago

Gravelord's too far up that river called de'nile when it comes to hacking and pirating on consoles.

Bolts2322d ago

Console games don't get hacked? What a noob.

radphil2322d ago

"Yup. Console games don't get hacked.
One of the main reason is that they can ban your console from online play."

Both of those statements are untrue.

-People have hacked on consoles. You forgot CoD4's issue at hand.
-On the hacking community side, they're able to change the identity of their system, so they would only be banned for a short time.

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blackhammer2322d ago

It's such a shame.

Super glad that Skyrim don't got hackers.

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