Modern Warfare 3 Detailed Weapon Stats – From “Bullets to Kill” to “Gun Ranks”

MP1st - "Would you like to know every little detail of your favorite guns in Modern Warfare 3?"

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rdgneoz32418d ago

Love how most guns can kill people with only 3 bullets in close range and 1 can do the same at long range...

Criminal2418d ago

Yeah that stood out to me at first, but the MK14 is a semi auto, so it has different damage and rate of fire dynamics.

Mister_V2418d ago

Coming from Black Ops, it seems like you die really quickly in MW3.

swishersweets200312418d ago ShowReplies(1)

TYPE 95.

That gun for me is what the M16 was in Cod4 or the Fammas in MW2/blackops. it's an absolute beast of a weapon with the right upgrades.

with an average/normal connection I am dropping people with one burst. It's sick!!

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