Rock Band: Ben's strummer broke... and he fixed it

Ben Sones writes, "This post is a public service announcement. Last night, my Strat developed the dreaded "down strum has stopped registering intermittently" problem that so many people seem to be having. Sometimes it worked fine, but other times (especially in fast-strumming rhythm sections) it would either not register some of the time, or double-strum. Up strum (the real down strum, for actual guitar players) still worked fine. It was bad enough that I was failing out of songs on which I can normally get four or five stars.

I read all the official forum posts in the RB tech forum (which propose a number of different remedies), and then decided to open up the case and have a look at the mechanism for myself. Unlike the GHIII guitar, you can open the back of the Strat without voiding your warranty (the Les Paul has a sticker over one of the screw holes that voids the warranty if you break it). So before RMAing it, why not have a look?"

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Hagaf223801d ago

this is stupid because if you really read the forums you would see that doing so voids the warranty?!?! why not get a free replacement and still have the warranty on that one too?? dummy

aiphanes3801d ago

After reading through the 40+ pages of the forum at Rockband...I never saw anybody get back a guitar that was perfect yet.

Hagaf223801d ago

but atleast they just keep getting new ones till one does work, but not if you do this... id rather have them send me 50 and know that they are responsible than me think ive fixed it and it break and be on me...