Nintendo 3DS owners are not buying games

Enterbrain (the Japanese company behind Famitsu that keeps track of sales data as well) has reported that in October, despite selling 304,000 units of hardware, just 122,000 games were sold; less than 40 per cent of new 3DS owners have bought a game.

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Venjense2325d ago

A more accurate title would be, "No Games for 3DS Owners To Buy"

N64 remakes don't really count as AAA killer app software.

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Tanir2324d ago

exactly, i was going to get a 3ds when the price dropped, but now im just going to wait a year or 2.

its pretty sad honestly. early adopters were really screwed over.

my bro is one of them and he refuses to admit it, and yet i laugh when he plays only regular ds games, and chats on it.

when the dual analog version comes out i will pick one up. i really wanan play labrynth, RE;revalations, and Kingdom hearts

Brasi822324d ago

I've got to agree with you there although the remakes are nice. I own 2 3DS games right now with Ocarina of Time and Super Street Fighter IV. I really wish that Capcom would put Marvel vs Capcom 3 on the 3DS.

Bimkoblerutso2324d ago

I agree 100%. I loved playing OoT again...but the key word there is "again."

If SM3D Land is good (and it is supposed to be really, really good), it will literally be the first great original title released for the 3DS...that's almost 8 months after launch. That's absolutely ridiculous.

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josh143992325d ago

I haven't played my 3ds since ocarina of time 3d.

jacksonmichael2325d ago

Because there aren't any. What am I looking forward to for 3Ds games, even? Mario Kart 7 and Tales of the Abyss. Yeah. Not a great list.

Cloudberry2325d ago

Fortunately, I could buy it in the future with cheaper price, (hopefully) 2nd circle pad built-in, and more great games available.

At worst, the hacked version of 3DS would (or already?) available later...

TruthbeTold2324d ago

Yeah, fake a pokemon game, and remakes? Other than Ocarina, no thanks. Just now coming out with Mario 3D land right as Skyward Sword, and Skyrim are also? Why couldn't they fill some of the past 6 months with a game like that? Also, early next year I'm buying Tales of the Abyss, which before the 3DS even came out, we were looking forward to.

When the 3DS came out, I was ready to spend lots of money on 3DS games, but there were few worth buying. That money for the most part has gone elsewhere, and while I'm glad I have my 3DS, it's no longer a priority for me in gaming. That's what annoyingly long droughts do. You look elsewhere for good games, and the money goes there accordingly.

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