After two years, Evony is bringing sexy back – but why?

GamesRadar reports: "We know what you picture when you see the word “Evony,” and it isn’t a city building MMO. Despite recent efforts to scale back the oversexed ad campaign, odds are you, and just about everyone else who used the internet in 2009, has the same mental image associated with Evony: a woman in a bra staring sensually out of the screen, with “Play now, my lord,” "Play discreetly," or "Come Play" written in text beneath her large, exposed bosoms. The ads were everywhere, and they seemed to get more unrelated and inappropriate as time went on. Sometimes it was just the bra. Sometimes there wasn't a bra at all. It looked like the developers were advertising a softcore porn website more than a free-to-play online game.

They eventually moved away from the unrelated, sexy ads in favor of promoting the game itself, but after two years of sobriety they’re falling off the wagon. But instead of going with the old, ads, they're doing it much, much differently, and we have a fir...

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ATi_Elite2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

WORSE Internet pop-up adds ever. I hated Evony ads with a fury unlike no other.

Reading story on a Gamer site: "Bam Evony pop up ad...WTF is this shite"

Someone walks by: "OMG OMG your watching Porn ha ha ha you 2D Sprite based Pedophile Porn watcher hah ah ah"

"No no no it's a stupid pop up ad I swear....ALT-TAB this is the Porn I was watching"


Hicken2441d ago

I remember those ads. I also remember two distinct trains of thought.

One was, "I want to play this game." Seeing all that sexiness all over the place was enticing.

The other train of thought was, "This has nothing to do with the game."

2440d ago