Sony releases new battery for PSP and PSP Slim

Sony Computer Entertainment will launch a new battery which is compatible with both the PSP and the PSP Slim & Lite. This 2200mAh battery will offer 20% more battery life on the older models, and 80% more life on the new slim line. This battery will bulge out slightly on the slimmer PSP systems, so new battery covers will be included. Hit the jump to see the pictures.

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Relcom3827d ago

I will get this.

I wonder if the new lites will have this standard when produced.

Gondee3827d ago

Im goning to get this to remove that dam darth vader off the back of mine. =)

360sucks3827d ago

i like my pandora battery

Charlie26883827d ago

80% more battery AND the special cover (for the slime and lite)


AllroundGamer3827d ago

definitely buying it for my PSP Slim.

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The story is too old to be commented.