Get a job: Work on LittleBigPlanet

Media Molecule is hiring. If you have the skills to be a Network Engineer, a Gameplay Programmer, or a Senior Artist, you'll be able to work on the upcoming LittleBigPlanet.

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Skerj3648d ago

Senior Artist eh?. ..

solar3648d ago

this kinda scares me...shouldnt they be pretty much done with the artistic side...and in the right direction?

Skerj3648d ago

If it were a normal game yeah, but considering the evolving nature of this I can see why they're still hiring artists. Someone's going to need to create the additional building blocks they give us down the line.

mighty_douche3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

this is even for LBP?

EDIT: nice find jcgamer, been a while since the last LBP post. i almost forgot this is my most wanted console game.

Kholinar3648d ago

yeah, this is not a new job posting...

If the were hiring it wouldn't indicate anything about LBP's status, though I wish we were getting a few more teasers at this point. I really want this game.

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Darkiewonder3648d ago

I've been viewing that site for ages and it's the same job listing since the :o

Astro3648d ago

So, this game is being created by a group of amateurs? LOL

rofldings3648d ago

Like how your console was built my amateurs.


Spinitus3648d ago

rofldings just owned u. lol

chester3648d ago

i can't even come close to doing any of those things, but if i apply, can i play a demo?? cause if so i'm in.

/! \

that's about how well i can draw.

Karebear3647d ago

No matter where I move.... the head seems like its looking right at me!

You sir, are a maestro ! :D :D

Chibs3647d ago

As much as I look forward to LBP and wish Mm the best of luck with it, this is not video games news per se and therefore should seriously not be on this site.

And yes those jobs have been posted there for a very long time.

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