Wii Accuracy - The Missing Link

In an almost scarily in-depth analysis of the Wii Remote for the legions of info-hungry gamers out there, CVG revealed their somewhat disappointing discovery that the Wii Remote's pointer functionality was not a direct pointer device.

But as it turns out, the Wii is totally capable of functioning with true 1-1 pointer accuracy, as now proven by simple calibration menus found in the new lightgun-style shooters, Link's Crossbow Training and Ghost Squad.

This begs the question: why the hell didn't Nintendo include this simple calibration in the front-end Wii set-up menu?

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Brainiac 83915d ago

It is a very accurate way of playing. Metroid Prime 3 and Medal of Honor Heroes 2 both proved how much immersive using the remote can be and how accurate it can make your shot.

ChickeyCantor3915d ago

now they need to make use of that program, that some other company made for the free-motion detecting thats close to 1:1.

free-motion can also make a game immersive.

BrotherNick3915d ago

are those games really 1:1???? I guess I get to play it when I go home, got crossbow training in the mail today.

PS360WII3915d ago

It only takes time to improve upon an idea :)

BrotherNick3915d ago

All next gen systems will have motion sensing.

Brainiac 83915d ago

It's one of those things that people blast Nintendo for doing, but when they get it set up for the other systems, then it gets praised by these same people.

Fanboy: "Nintendo is so stupid, motion sensing is stupid and gimmicky!"

It gets added to PS3's controller as SIXAXIS.

Fanboy: "Man, SIXAXIS is the way to go! Motion sensing is so Next Gen!"

Lame wads!

FungLip3915d ago

Most of them, EyeToy and Wii look stupid. Just look at the guy playing without looking at the TV. And thats one of the things that make them so great at party but not alone. I would feel like an idiot after playing it more than a hour alone.

ChickeyCantor3915d ago

Because one plays like that doesn't mean we all play like that, even now with normal controllers you see people actually moving the gamepad instead of actually hitting buttons like they suppose to do but are we all playing like that?

you can even play Wii-games in a relaxed position, but hey ignorance is bliss.

FungLip3915d ago

Thats whats keeping me from getting one. I was going to get one with RE4 but after playing at a friend's place... I dunno why it isn't a problem with others but for me it's a huge issue.
I'll get one for Super Mario Galaxy tho.

wiizy3915d ago

fanboys.. i bet the missing link is until sony and microsoft copy it so they can say oh..its done right now... lol