Wal-Mart sells Wii - only as $677 bundle

Punch Jump reports that retailers, including Wal-Mart and Toys 'R Us, have begun selling the Wii at inflated prices bundled with extra software and accessories to maximize profit margins on the Wii shortage. Wal-Mart this week began offering the "Nintendo Wii Customer Choice Bundle", which includes the Wii system, extra controllers, choice of accessory, Mario Party 8, and choice of six game titles - all for $677.38; (and it's already sold out at the time of this reporting.)

Contributor's Note: Wal-Mart's website shows that the superstore is selling the Wii *only* as the $677.38 bundle. Wal-Mart currently no longer offers the Wii as a standalone item.

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Bonsai12143913d ago

scummy of walmart to do that. for a major corporation to do that is worse than those scumbags who bought ps3's and wii's at launch to sell them on ebay

Violater3913d ago

Check all the other stores including Ebay

All the Wii's on sale are bundles.

Texas GMR3913d ago

..starting to think Nintendo had this in mind all along. It's a smart way of selling accessories that would have not been bought otherwise.

It sucks for consumers, but Nintendo will make a killing!

neogeo3913d ago

is the wost company on earth next to the oil companys much worse then enron.

Rooftrellen3913d ago

It's bad, but its not that bad. Mario Part 8 is a pretty good game. It's just a party game, but its decent.

If you include it in the price of the other games, and ignore the extra controler and the like, its $60 per game.

You pay that for PS3 and 360 games! How is that such a terrible deal, to those who own another console!?

Of course, you probably want an extra controller, too, which is decently expensive in itself.

BrianC62343912d ago

I don't blame the stores at all. This is what happened last year with the Wii and PS3 too. The PS3 was available but only in expensive bundles. It's supply and demand. The PS3 looks to be the best deal now. The Wii doesn't have enough good games to be worth this price. Kiddies should ask mommy and daddy for a PS3. It's only $399, almost half the price of the Wii.

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ktchong3913d ago

This is clearly price gouging.

BrianC62343912d ago

It's not price gouging. I don't think they're charging more for the Wii. Just making people buy a big bundle. That's business for you. Blame Nintendo for it. Artificial shortage.

Relcom3913d ago

Taking advantage of the high demand with a low supply. Sad part is people will but that sh**.

aiphanes3913d ago

I thought the wii was all about low price.

Crazyglues3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

talk about taking advantage of the consumer...

I guess big stores just don't care about what consumers think of their stores because they know they will still come back and buy their even if the store does dirty tricks like bestbuy did with their fake internet website. People really don't care..

need some feedback, check this out..

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The story is too old to be commented.