Blame Apple for Parental Ignorance

NuyoRiquena "Since when is it okay to blame companies for negligent parenting? Oh, right. As far back as I can remember it has been a practice of this country to sue for our own ignorance. Let me explain. While watching Fox news (KTTV 11 in Los Angeles) there was a story about a class action lawsuit being brought against Apple by a group of parents who feel Apple [mis]led them into believing games such as Zombie Farm and Tap Fish were free after finding hundreds of dollars had been charged to their credit cards through in-game purchases by their children."

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2444d ago
mstoner822443d ago

There's a setting in the phones/ipods that lets you turn on password authorization for in app and store purchases. Simple flick of a switch. I don't understand how this is so hard. This has happened before, yeah?

Arcee2443d ago

The problem is the laziness of some parents today. It is ridiculous how little time and responsibility some of them want to take in the raising of their children. Even with something like this, if they can blame the company for their oversights, why not. The whole thing is disgusting really.

NuyoRiquena2443d ago

You're exactly right. I really don't understand why people are so lazy then blame other people.

Arcee2442d ago

It's all about passing the buck. Everyone feels that they can pass on their responsibilities to someone else. If they make a mistake, if they are ignorant enough to blame someone else for their shortcomings, they are just looking to alleviate their own damn laziness.