Official Saints Row: The Third Theme Song

JeromeChance "Witness the best video gaming music video ever made. The Broken Pixels are officially your heroes. This Saints Row the Third preview video shows off a lot of the crazy $#!) you can do in the game set to the SRTT official theme song. Game Related music will never be the same!"

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TenSteps2081d ago

I loved the reference to all the previous gangs

fallacious2080d ago

There will surely come a mod for the pc version to remove the blurs.

SeraphimBlade2080d ago

In my mail on Tuesday. Can't wait.

Hazmat132080d ago

that was the biggest dildo i ever seen..... LOL

NuyoRiquena2080d ago

I'm pretty sure I've seen bigger.

Arcee2079d ago

I'm not going to touch that with a ten foot... oh jeez! Visual!!!

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