QJ.NET reviews Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

QuickJump writes:

"Uncharted: Drake's Fortune deserves a purchase...It has more than enough to keep you rooted to your seat, holding your controller in a white-knuckled grip of pure tension and fun, with production values guaranteed to not only enchant you but blow your eyeballs out of the park..."

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Foliage3883d ago

Best game I've played this year, on any platform.

neogeo3883d ago

This is the game that made me wanna sell my Wii.
I bought it along with Mario Galaxy and even though Mario is fun, I now realize that beautiful epic graphics are what realy make a game enjoyable.

jorellpogi3883d ago

This is a movie game experience. The best console game I've ever played this year.

m91058263883d ago

My personal GOTY. Still need to play Galaxy and Mass Effect to compare. Completely blows away any other game I tried this year. 3rd playthrough FTW!