FIFA 12 Console Patch Coming Nov 10th

EA Sports will release a new patch for FIFA 12 on Nov 10th for Xbox 360 and PS3. Find out what it includes.

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xX_Altair_Xx2357d ago

Can they make the game load up any faster; it takes about 3 mins just to get to the main game screen.

FlashXIII2357d ago

Patch makes my game crash whenever I do just about anything.. can't even get to the main menu now. Don't think it's an issue effecting all that many people but it's bleeding poor to think in today's age, such a problem can exist thanks to a game patch.

blackstrr4112357d ago

They need to fix the overall players' ability when u change positions. For example DeGea is 82 as a Goalkeeper and when u mistakenly put him in a strikers position he is still 82 like WTF... We need to know the real overall attributes that was in previous games