Why Dark Souls is Important to the Video Game Industry

I began writing this Dark Souls feature as a review. After a while, however, I realized that 1) the game has been out for a month. People don’t care about reviews anymore, and 2) I’d prefer to focus on what’s unique about the game, rather than the production, visuals, etc (although admittedly good).

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DonaldBeck2441d ago

because its a game that dosent hold your hand, a game that makes you question if the developers are out to get you because of the frustration, a game where you lose your social life and play all day and look like a nerd but you dont care, a game where you take deep breaths before putting the disk in, a game that i love.

Bigpappy2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

This game is a welcome game to the industry. But the strength of this game can be found on games like Ninja Gaiden. That strength is in the unforgiving type of challenge in combat. The level design is also similar but, one is more RPG will the other is more action.

The thing is that this game does not change the industry. You are not going to see a bunch of developers start making there games more like Demon Souls. It did not sell well enough and while diffent form others in the maket now, it brought nothing new.

Tanir2440d ago

bigpappy, ur on crack lol. the game sold tons. Not COD tons, but sold far more than demons souls, and demons souls sold very very well, actually demons souls sales shocked the devs.

so for dark souls to sell alot more in 1 week, im sure the devs are pleased

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DonaldBeck2441d ago

if anyone out there who owns a 360 and loves dark souls, you gotta play demons souls if you have a ps3 its a timeless game.

blammo172441d ago

Demons Souls is a different game altogether, in a sense. I like some of the open wordless of Dark Souls but really miss the world tendency and the events Atlus did. From just needs to focus on fixing multiplayer, put in place a true pvp and allow more co-op. This game could really have some legs if they would support it more post release.