Bring the PAIN - Thursday

Pain is coming out this Thursday to the PSN more news is avaliable at the PS Blog.

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HeavyRaines173950d ago

This is fantastic news as this will be the first PSN title that I will be purchasing.

blusoops3950d ago

You should also try Super Stardust HD!

SeanScythe3949d ago

sorry to say but I haven't played that game since I bought it. No one wants to play it and I get tired of it after short while.

Douche3949d ago

CAC is a must have. It's really addictive. Cash, Guns, and Chaos is fun too. The games are so cheap I've given most of them a shot regardless tho. Except for that Nucleus game. That is retarded.

MikeGdaGod3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

SuperStarDustHD is the sh!t

be sure to grab Tekken:DR Online too

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solidt123950d ago

Im getting this one. I have Flow, Warhawk, and evryday shooter.

Douche3949d ago

Is Flow worth getting? I've got most of the good games dl'd but not Flow.

Skerj3950d ago

Holy crap yay, I'll own like 8 PSN titles now. Pretty good start for only being out a year.

mighty_douche3949d ago

the presentation might not be as nice, but the content is.

wil4hire3950d ago

Pain looks fun. But i want to BOWL!

SeanScythe3949d ago

should be the same day according to sony's site.

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The story is too old to be commented.