Battlefield 4: Release predictions and BF3 improvements

Product-Reviews writes: It’s too early to speculate on a possible release date for Battlefield 4, but we would like to see a new game come out within two years. What improvements would you like to see in the game, compared to BF3? A lot of people would like EA DICE to put more effort into the single-player campaign as some felt that it fell flat this time around in Battlefield 3.

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tr00p3r2415d ago

If this is a next-gen title, I would just like to see more of the same from BF3, but with better graphics, like a lot better than what we see at the moment. The gameplay is fine, so it doesn't need too much work. More tanks, jeeps, jets, equipment, unlocks..gonna be epic if this is next-gen.

Ares84HU2415d ago

In next gen I want better graphics and physics obviously. But I would love to see 64 player battles on consoles in the next Battlefield game with true destruction.

I feel that BF3 was a step back from BFBC2 in the destruction area which is really bad I think because it was one of the biggest features I really loved in the game.

DasBunker2415d ago

i agree on the inferior destruction in BF3... hope BTK is better... i dont really like the design in at least 3 of the current maps in BF3..

emekcrash2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

Battlefield 4 is the best game I have ever played. I have high expectations for Battlefield 5.

SJPFTW2415d ago

looks like a fail attempt to roll lol

sublIME2s2415d ago

Wait, what? You're already playing BF4? Damn dude...

Gamer-Z2415d ago

60fps and 64 players on consoles like what they advertised in all those videos (what a bunch of bull).

AndrewE2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

You bought into that? That's why you're the sheep consumer and they're the superior publisher.

ufo8mycat2415d ago

As long as the maps are designed with 64 players in mind sure. Most of the BF3 maps fit 24/32 players better then it does 64, except maps like Caspian Border.

If theres one thing that needs to be done is get rid of SP. It is not needed. The time spent on SP, could of been made improving and removing bugs in BF3.

awi59512415d ago

Only if call of duty does HD next time lol. It never was HD really lol.

Geralt2415d ago

My guess:
2012 -- Bad Company 3
2013 -- Battlefield 4

sycnation2415d ago

Didn't you see the medal of honor plug/tease in the bf3 box...
MoH $3quel 2012
Bf4 2013

0neShot2415d ago

Talking about a game that is set to release 3 (three) years from now? For all we know there might be another shooter that will overshadow both COD and BF. So, move along, there is really nothing important to talk as of this point.

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