Uncharted 3: Is Film-like What We Like? (Hooked Gamers)

HG writes: "There is something special about heroes. We are drawn to them like a moth to a flame. Heroes give us hope, heroes entertain us and they prove that even the most modest person can do great things. The Uncharted series is a story of one such hero, Nathan Drake. From the moment he opened Sir Francis Drake’s coffin to the instant the curtain fell on Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, Nathan Drake has proven to be a true hero. He isn’t 200lbs of carved muscle or an armored army of one. He is an average man (though slightly ninja like) who rises to great things in his quest for the truth about his supposed distant relative Sir Francis. "

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CynicalVision2357d ago

'the franchise is getting old.'

Hardly, it's only the third title and the franchise is more popular now than it's ever been.

'this franchise just seems to be recycling gameplay.' every other game out there then? Really now, that's like saying Modern Warfare recycles gunplay, or how LittleBigPlanet recycles platforming. Obviously it recycles gameplay, that's what makes the Uncharted games popular.

Dante1122357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

Don't worry, this site isn't on metacritic and if you played the game already and liked it, their opinion shouldn't matter. But yeah, lol @ the "recycled gameplay" part. Wonder if MW3 will get the same treatment?

Edit: Seems like the only official reviews to metacritic left to get placed are the magazine ones (which is why OPM and OPMAU 10 scores haven't been added yet).

Papertiger2356d ago

Mw3 wont get the same treatment. When it's a ps3 exclusive all of the sudden, average gaming critics suddenly turn into tight-assed "gaming connoisseurs" who will nitpick and tear apart the game in question with criticisms out of thin-air.

Biggest2356d ago

LOL! Gaming connoisseurs is the title of the decade. Well, at least the title of 1151pm PST.

xTHRASHx2356d ago

Yes, yes it will. MW3 is the epitome of recycled gameplay.

NegativeCreep4272356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

Drake's Deception sold over 1.1 Mil. copies in it's first week. Surpassing Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Uncharted 2: Amongst Thieves in the same time frame.

Call me stupid, but is that not progress???

Is that not a sign of a promising, growing IP???

If you say yes, then you are living in a world not like the rational, logical, reasonable people like myself. You are an anti-Sony fanboy and you need to wake up.

xTHRASHx2356d ago

Wait... how are higher sales the sign of an improving IP? MW3 is gonna sell shit tons, you really think thats improving much?

DonaldBeck2357d ago

'the franchise is getting old.'

are you joking?

LarVanian2357d ago

LOL if he thinks Uncharted is getting old after three games then I wonder what he must think of GTA, Mario, Halo and COD. They must be considered ancient to him.

smashcrashbash2357d ago

Just more made up stuff as an excuse to lower UC3's score. The franchise is getting old? It hasn't even been around that long.

xTHRASHx2353d ago

No (Rockstar keeps it fresh with ever-changing story lines) Yes, Yes and Yes

nix2356d ago

i finally finished the game.. man, it's absolute roller coaster ride. thank god.. there was not final boss like the one in UC2 because i would have died if i had to fight anyone like him... not that i hate big fighting bosses but it was probably because i was up till 4 in the morning and the series of endless battles can seriously take your toll.

great game.

KingPin2356d ago

Yes it is what i like.

it flows through perfectly telling a very direct story.

i dont know about others but a lot of people like open-world games. im not one of them. i prefer the old school linear type games. il give you a good exapmle, burnout. i preferred Burnout 3:takedown over burnout paradise. Paradise was a good game, had fun with it, but it didnt seem to have a structure to it.

Hicken2356d ago

For some reason, people have decided that UC's cinematic storytelling is no longer a strong selling point. And, suddenly, they treat it as if ALL games are following suit, and UC3 is just the latest in a string of cinematic-heavy titles.

It honestly shows people's willingness to bash quality for no GOOD reason. UC3 is arguably the best game this year, and part of arguably the best franchise this generation, yet there are scores of people downgrading it for the most stupid of reasons.

Gam3rSinceBiRTH2356d ago

The majority of reviews from Uncharted have been positive. You always get reviewers that throw a curve on a AAA title. I see it happen all the time. Sometimes they make good points, other times they don't. Franchise getting old after 3 installments is a doozy.

Hicken2356d ago

It's true that most UC3 reviews have been positive. But those that have been negative have been so for... less than honest reasons, I'll say. Often, what they cite as a negative (such as its storytelling or cinematic style) is hailed in more objective views as top-notch and one of its best selling points. Or, for example, because the game's "WOW" factor isn't as high as UC2 was... as if that's honestly possible when the hype wasn't built up nearly as high.

I'm just tired of the disparity between standards in reviews. For a game like Gears, following the same formula as the first two is a plus, but it's a minus for Uncharted. Such things just piss me off.

CynicalVision2356d ago


I know how you feel, I remember when Gametrailers reviewed Uncharted 2 and took points away because "The devolopers stayed true to the formula and didn't take any risks" yet they gave their game of the year to Modern Warfare 2. Needless to say that annoyed a lot of people.

xTHRASHx2356d ago

did you even read the article? lol

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