GOW3: Intro to Beast Mode Pt. II

GameNTrain: Intro to beast mode part 2

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Seventh_Blood_Reborn2391d ago

lol, again, some people will never learn GOW3 or GOWIII = God of War 3/III.
I know you love Gears of War, it' s a great series, I know it because I played the first two ( both single player and coop ); but really: if you are not a fanboy give every good game the respect it deserves. GOW stands for God of War ( and I' m not trying to say that one game is better than the other or something ).

LycanSoldier2391d ago

GOW can also be used for Gears of War. It's obvious why.

It's barely disrespecting any other game that can also use that title.

Seventh_Blood_Reborn2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

But it should not. It' s obvious why.

If this attitude is not disrespectiong any other game as you say, why they don' t use GEoW ( very common everywhere used to identify Gears of War )?
Too long to type? lol. Come on.

EDIT: people disagree, evidently GEoW is really too long to type lol. Kids.

LycanSoldier2391d ago

Because there is no need to use "GEoW" when GOW will suffice.

At any rate, neither of the Developers have called the game GOW. They are Gears of War and God of War. The fans of these games are free to abbreviete the titles as they please.

There is no right or wrong abbreviation for either.

2391d ago
HeavenlySnipes2391d ago

Why don't they call Gears, Gears? I literally came here because I saw the title and thought "Wait, something's happening with GOD OF WAR 3?"