Why we're loving the look of Ridge Racer Vita's Planetary League

M2G: "From what we can gather, Ridge Racer looks as if it will be borrowing some of the innovative conventions of modern console racing games and implementing them for a whole new portable market on Vita."

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Misterhbk2415d ago

I have said this before, but once again, I think people are underestimating just how important PSN is going to be and how big of an advantage it gives to Vita. Multiplayer is simply a necessary factor in a majority of genre's these days. I don't mean to make this a 3DS vs Vita thing, but what good is that analog add on going to be? Sure it may get Call of Duty on the 3DS but what good is Call of Duty without a strong online component? Friend Codes don't cut it in games like Call of Duty, that's for sure.

The online implementation is going to be where I think the Vita truly shines. Team Death Match in a FPS, Taking on a friend in NBA 2K12, Racing People across the world, I could go on an on, but its going to be a big deal on the Vita as it's the first handheld to truly offer online multiplayer.

MasterCornholio2414d ago

If there's one aspect that the Vita is pushing into the world of handheld gaming and that's social features. The Vita is going to revolutionize the social aspect of handheld gaming. And i hope Sony does the same with the PS4 because there's some aspects of PSN that would be way better if it has some of the features of the Vitas online service.

I honestly cant wait to be able to play games with my friends no matter where i am. Even against those that only own a PS3.