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Jeff Rubenstein of the Playstation Blog
"Hey gamers! Response to this here PlayStation.Blog has been so impressive, that SCEA decided that someone needed to be brought in to help keep an eye on it full time. I'm that person. Really, I've been lurking behind the scenes here for over a month, but it's time to come out and say hello.Among other things, it's my job to help connect those who create software, hardware, and peripherals for PlayStation systems, and those of you who play them. And I can't do it without you, the faithful and passionate readers. So keep those comments coming – we're reading them! Also, please feel free to utilize the Contact Us section (on the right side of the blog) if what you wanna say is off-topic. We read that too, even if we don't necessarily have enough hours in the day to write back to each of you."

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whoelse3954d ago

Is this guy's other job to delete all the xbox fanboys comments on there.

Astro3954d ago

So, post in blogs is the best that Sony can do? Do games jerks, who cares about sh!tty blogs.

Skerj3954d ago

Are you sad that you don't have a PS3 or something? I see you in more of our topics than whatever the hell system it is you have.

ruibing3954d ago

It shows they are actually listening to its users. Developers and representatives actually reply back on the blogs when they hear questions and complaints. I think this should be applauded, not criticized.

Lionsguard3954d ago

I bet you don't even have a PS3 you mongloid so quit acting like you even care. Sony is showing that they are willing to listen whereas Microsoft is too busy counting your money from all your replaced xboxes to even care.

razer3954d ago

@2.3 - Don't even mention MS.. Maybe you need to check out one of the MANY 360 community blogs or maybe Major Nelson? He has had a blog for years and it is great connection to Corp.

This is great for Sony, but don't even try to say MS doesn't listen or have one of the strongest communities of any of the consoles.

Sorry to get off-topic but the correction needs to be made. Sony should be applauded for their effort to connect to the community.

Gamespot-equals-EGM3954d ago

If Major Nelson and the connection he provides (between gamers and MS) is so great then why are there still Xbox 360 hardware problems? (RRoD and scratching disks) And don't even tell me they fixed them because we still see articles about these problems.

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Skerj3954d ago

Awesome, listening to developers, and listening to us. They've gotten off of that horse, I'm glad now we'll start seeing more awesome things. I really hope they make those PS Eye tech demos into games, they were some of the most innovative things I've ever seen.

xsteinbachx3954d ago

is the ps3 eye even worth my money?

Skerj3954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

Yeah if you like card games Eye of Judgment is pretty damn awesome. As far as the rest of it, check this:

and tell me what you think.

xsteinbachx3954d ago

Very neat indeed. Well i'm getting a couple 100 dollar gift cards from relatives / family / gf so maybe this will be my next purchase.

lynx1halo3954d ago

It simply used to be that if there was any issue with the menus, screens, games was an AS-IS product...i.e. Nintendo blowing cartridges....but now VOILA....they read what issues are out there...and within the next update its fixed

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