Gamesradar - Bioware explains how Mass Effect 3's multiplayer effects the singleplayer experience

Bioware answers fans' questions about local co-op and more

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coolbeans2172d ago


- The MP affects Shepard's "Galactic Readiness" that leads up to the end fight.

- Kinect will not be utilized in the MP

- Servers are "bandwidth-friendly"

Christopher2172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )

Weird how they make it sound like it's just on XBL, the multiplayer that is.

My hope is that you can do multiplayer elements solo, so that an individual can experience the complete game and won't need to do it with others.

coolbeans2172d ago

I'm a bit divisive on whether or not playing these mp modes solo would be the right thing. It somehow seems fitting if it were to require multiple players, that way solo can just be reserved for the campaign. It's also nice to hear that you don't need to play the MP to get the best possible outcome.

Christopher2172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )

I want to be able to do multiplayer solely because it offers the chance to play as a race and class that is otherwise not available in the single player game. I believe that something that big should be available to everyone and not just as a multiplayer element.

coolbeans2172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )

^That's a good point. Although my decision's basically up in the air, I just like the idea of the invisible wall between Single Player Campaign and MP modes. I just personally think if 1 player is to play the "horde mode" of ME3 as a different species, it sort of tarnishes what playing solo on Mass Effect 3 is all about imo-considering you won't have any dialouge options in mp.

shinrock2172d ago Show
WhiteLightning2172d ago

So I HAVE to play the crappy looking multiplayer to get the real ending.

shinrock2172d ago

thats what im talking about.

coolbeans2172d ago

They've said since it's [MP] announcement that you don't have to touch the multiplayer in order to get the best ending.

tiffac0082172d ago

Oh! That's good to know, as long as the game doesn't force me to play the MP to get the best ending in SP then we're good to go.

shinrock2172d ago

sorry, excuse my temper.i just feel like there pulling a kotor on me.