Getting ISK to start Trading in EVE Online

Most traders in EVE Online, from mediocre right up to the very best have cold liquid ISK in cash just for trading, millions, billions sometimes even trillions of ISK that’s constantly going in and out of players wallets to others through the EVE Online market, through contracts, through trades, cash flow like this is just standard, people barely flinch at the thought.
However for a new player, reaching that amount of capital to spend on trading and invest in items to sell, is pretty hard to get to. In this post we’ll be taking a look at 2 ways to get that initial start up Capital that are easy to start in EVE Online: Mission Running and Mining.

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ATi_Elite2411d ago

"Getting ISK to start Trading in EVE Online"....start trading lol hah ha ha!

"Getting ISK so you can start being raped and pillaged every where you go in Eve Online" should be the title.

Once you get ISK in EVE you better be apart of some huge Corporation or hide very very far away in a small corner of the Eve Universe and just grind away on getting small amounts of isk. You start pulling down the big bucks and your gonna get Raped repeatedly.

Don't get me wrong Eve is fun and very very challenging but Newbies to the game just bend over and prepare to take it up the rear for a while until you get to a proper level of isk and resources. Then Eve becomes like almost the greatest thing ever.

DethWish2411d ago

How much have you played this game, really? :P

Sounds to me like you're still at the newbie stage and are just making stuff up

2411d ago