Retrograde: How Looking Back Can Help the Industry Move Forward

GP: "Remember when almost every game was trying to jump into 3D? Now that trend has been reversed. Seriously, look at New Mario Bros Wii, Kirby's Return to Dreamland, and Donkey Kong Country Returns, among others. What have all of them done? They went back to their original formats that made them famous. Mario didn't have a full 2D sidescrolling adventure on consoles since Super Mario World on the SNES (not counting All-Stars, which is a remake/compilation), which was released in 1991. New Mario Bros. Wii, wasn't released until 2009. That's a good 18 years everyone!

Mario's eternal rival Sonic, did the same thing. Sonic 3, and Sonic & Knuckles were both released in 1994. Sonic 4 came out in 2010. That's 16 years before the blue blur went back to pure 2D on the consoles. Those are just platformer examples too. There are many games that have been revived, or brought back to their roots not only for the businesses to make money, but to the delight of fans as well."

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