Game Informer | Otomedius Excellent Review

When you see American television shows like South Park or anything on Adult Swim poke fun at Japanese anime, this is the kind of content they are referencing. Otomedius Excellent is absurd, puts far too much emphasis on breast size, and will not make sense to anyone who speaks English as their first language. Also, it’s no fun to play.

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jacksonmichael2446d ago

Koji Igarashi should really just stick with Castlevania. I mean, look at his resume. It's numerous Castlevania titles, Nanobreaker, and this.

SactoGamer2446d ago

At least it seems to come with tons of swag.

CrescentFang2446d ago

Too bad he didn't like it... I hope the bad reviews of these doesn't affect future shmup titles' chances of being released here :(