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Tom Davenport: Microsoft has never been cool, but the Xbox managed to turn more than a few heads when its first blocky black box challenged the PlayStation for the hardcore gaming throne. The 360 converted more Sony fans with its lower price and crop of exclusive games, and eventually even lured millions of casual gamers from Nintendo's grasp with the controller-free Kinect add-on.

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jacksonmichael2325d ago

Coming soon, Big Foot complete guide.

KingSlayer2325d ago

"eventually even lured millions of casual gamers from Nintendo's grasp with the controller-free Kinect add-on"

Nope. Existing install base were lured. Nothing has exploded like the Wii, least of all Kinect.

fluffydelusions2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

Um isn't it Kinect which is the fastest selling electronic entertainment device of all time?...something along those lines?

KingSlayer2325d ago

Um, did you read the text I quoted or did you just instantly put on your XDF blazer and matching tie (sold separately)?

Craftiii42325d ago

Im sure kinect did sell fast, but what made you think its the fastest selling electronic entertainment device ever?

maniacmayhem2325d ago


Read the article it says and links you right to the statement.

humbleopinion2325d ago

I don't think existing install base were so lured. It's anacdotal but out of all the X360 owners which I know, none bothered about the Kinect.
The Kinect catered more to casual Wii owners who wished to upgrade to the HD era. Obviously it's not that easy to lure a casual gamers to spend hundreds more dollars on a new device, but the fact is that millions of X360-kinect bundles were actually sold - you can't possibly claim that this is existing install base since they already own the console.

PimpHandHappy2325d ago

whats the biggest selling Kinect title? Im sure its Dance Central but how much did it sell...

ZombieAssassin2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

DC sold 2.26m dont think its the highest selling one though. Kinect sports is at 3.37 and Kinect Adventures is over 10m...not sure if that one was bundled or not though, think it was.

MajorJackHoff2325d ago

It's weird that Kinect has sold so much, because I don't know anyone that owns one.

Although I don't know many people that play games, honestly.

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maniacmayhem2325d ago

Would love to see a new Perfect Dark or a bad a&$ Crackdown 3 for the nxtbox.

Very excited for next years E3. We have this and the WiiU to look forward too.

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