Are Fighting Games Doomed to Repeat History?

The fighting genre has seen its time in the spotlight before, but its status dropped to a niche genre as the market became oversaturated with games. With its recent revival, is Capcom's reliance on re-releasing games hurting the genre all over again?

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Ddouble2327d ago

So he's basically saying that the game revisions and the games being from Japan can kill the scene?

Capcom has said that they would only expand SFxT by DLC so lets see about that. I think they know they've reached the limit and they can't keep on doing it.

Also I don't think the language barrier is a problem. They will get the feedback one way or another and there's a huge scene in Japan as well but the author sounds like he's only concerned about America. Capcom's fighting games are still the most popular so they must be doing something right.

The way things have progressed now with streams, shows and sponsored players, something has to go horribly wrong for the scene to die again.

Shojin12326d ago

I can agree. There are just too many consumers and too many fighting game fans to tank the market again.

However, I will agree on Capcom milking it too much and its having a negative mental impact.

contra1572326d ago

Capcom is about making money first. SNK needs to really get back into the scene

Main_Street_Saint2325d ago

I miss SNK a lot! But there is "The King of Fighters 13," coming later this year; so they aren't out of the market yet.

Main_Street_Saint2325d ago

There is one thing that the author isn't keeping in mind; not nearly as many other publishers making fighting games (not like say back in the 90's or the '00's).