Battlefield and Modern Warfare: The battle about the wargames.

David Nieborg, a Dutch media-scientist think the genre 'war-games' bled to death.

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xxxAnubisxxx2326d ago

An interesting take on this... I'm not sure I buy any of it, but there are good points nonetheless.

farhad2k82326d ago

One has better gameplay, one has more sales.
End of debate.

ddurand12326d ago

they appeal to different audiences and playstyles.

theres no reason that they cant exist in harmony. theyre both good at what they do.

s45gr322326d ago

I agree with the article entirely. Is true game publishers force game developers to make sequels as oppose to new ips. Since sequels print money. The so called war games lack emotion, the feel of war, and the civilians how are they affected by war.................

JLesinski2326d ago

Battlefield all the way

OrangUtang2326d ago

The debate isn't about which one is better, but about the fact that publishers rather push out sequels, plus, has this genre 'war-games' really bled to death?