Battlefield 3 Back to Karkand features improved destruction

Besides new maps, weapons and vehicles, Back to Karkand will feature improved destruction where buildings can be destroyed down to their skeleton.

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Ultra Gamer2355d ago

Why the hell isn't this level of destruction in the main game? I was disappointed with the lack of destruction in BF3.

FunkMcnasty2355d ago

Yea, as much as I'm loving BF3 at the moment I have the same complaint. I know BC2 was a little bit unrealistic because you could level whole buildings with underslung grenade launchers and rockets, but it was one of the cornerstones of BF playstyle. There was something very tactical about taking down the buildings that all the snipers would camp in.. not to mention satisfying.

Perhaps they will do an update/patch that will implement whatever enhanced destruction they're adding to Back to Karkand into the rest of the MP maps..

Ultra Gamer2355d ago

Yeah destruction was one of the best things about BC2 I remember one time I was playing Squad DM with some friends and we were the only squad in the game somehow so with no enemies to kill we decided to level the entire map and it was so much fun. btw it was on White Pass.