[Interview] Aaron Rasmussen on Crafting Survival Horror Sans Graphics in BlindSide (DIYGamer)

DIYGamer: "Perhaps you have, or perhaps you haven’t heard of BlindSide: The Audio Adventure Video Game. If you have yet to, head over to the successfully funded, still open Kickstarter page to read a bit about the project and watch the video pitch. It caught my eye originally because of the concept’s unique nature–a game to be experienced identically by sighted and visually impaired players alike–but what caught both eyes was the fact that my good acquaintance Aaron Rasmussen was part of the tandem (along with Michael T. Astolfi) developing the no graphics episodic title.

Well I just had to talk to him about it, and lucky for us he was nice enough to respond in full to my laundry list of questions regarding the game. In the following interview we discuss the upcoming title’s survival horror elements, the challenges of developing a world that can’t be seen by its players, and overall sources of inspiration. Including Aaron’s own personal brush with blindness."

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