Shotguns in Modern Warfare 3 are Underpowered

GR - "Shotguns have always been a staple of the Call of Duty series. With their close range and heartstopping firepower, the shotgun has been the go-to weapon for CQB players. Not so with Modern Warfare 3, where they appear to have been severely diminished in stopping power and also range."

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BiggCMan2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

Was the same with all the other games as well, not surprised here that they did no work to them. It's like your slugs disappear after a certain range, like 10 feet, it's retarded. But damn, even point blank range and still didn't kill them what the hell.

farhad2k82224d ago

Not the Models!! They have immense range!! I don't know if it's with the 'Range' profficiency, but I got owned by a dude with the shotgun from queit a distance!

SwiftShot2224d ago

Did you play MW2? lol check the Spas 12 damage n tell me its the same let alone most shotguns are 1 hit kills from point blank on MW2.

belal2224d ago

it is better like this, now it's not overpowerd atleast.

BlackTar1872224d ago

yea totally agree.

Get better with your gunplay leave the shotgun 1 shot kills alone.

sublIME2s2224d ago

Yep. I remember playing MW2 against guys just using the AA-12 and just raping everyone with it. Pathetic really

raWfodog2224d ago

But shotguns are supposed to be really devastating at close range so they should leave the one shot kill ability at very close range. Thats how I roll...

moeqawama2224d ago

I agree too... the Spas was insanely overpowered in MW2. You can seriously blast someone from a good 15-20 yards

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ThatIrishGamer2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )


Fed up of noobs wanting to sprint around with full auto shotguns.

Go play Battlefield and turn on buckshots of you want to snipe using a shotgun.

BlackTar1872224d ago

yea the Shotgun in BF is lame.

But that smy only complaint well at the stupid 4 player party system.

COD has way more annoying things then this though

RioKing2224d ago

"COD has way more annoying things then this though"


BlackTar1872223d ago

you serious RIO?

Major lag right now. Small maps way too many nooks and crannies overpowered Kill streaks all guns kill in like 2 shots so the difference is very meaning less on most weapons. I can name more how about levels that for some reason remind me of old levels bullet lag etc.

still enjoy the game and i have only playd like 10-12 rds.

HardCover2224d ago

Huh? real shotguns have SOME range to them man. That's why they use them for skeet shooting and the like.

BF shotguns are only mildly effective at their max distance (like 100 feet...) which is pretty much how it should be. Not a one shot kill at melee, but also not useless at 20 feet away....

brettyd2224d ago could kill someone with a shotgun from 20 ft away in MW2.

OcularVision2224d ago

and like 200 feet in real life.

dark-hollow2224d ago

Like there is a map big enough to shoot someone from 20 ft :p

ambientFLIER2223d ago

Afghan is more than 20 feet long.

Surfaced2224d ago

First they're overpowered, now underpowered?

haven't played MW3, but based on my MW2 experience, I'm betting the shotguns are perfect now.

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The story is too old to be commented.