MicroSoft Shares More on Fall Dashboard Update

Microsoft has shed more light on the upcoming Fall Dashboard Update. Microsoft Japan recently held a press briefing covering some of the new features that will be bundled in the update. One of the newly discovered changes will be the ability to reorganize the Game Blade, which will feature the Game Library, instead of Xbox Live Arcade, Achievements, and Played Games sections. The new update will allow for easier sorting by having everything break down with filters. Items will be added into sections like, All Games, Arcade, Demos, and Recent Downloads.

Some other changes include:

* Marketplace will be reorganized and reduced to four categories. The new categories will be "Recommended Content," "What's New," "Game Store," "and Video Store."

* Personal Profile added into Gamer Profile. This will allow you to add a brief introduction about yourself, your name, nationality, and country of origin.

* XBLA demos will also be deleted from Played Games and Gamercard listings.

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toughNAME3888d ago

my gamercard says ive played close to 100 games

its much closer to 30


still waiting on clan blade, video marketplace in the great white north

M1am1U3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

it's nice to hear they'll be removing XBLA demos from the Played Games and Gamercard lists. So far, the fall update is sounding very positive.

toughNAME3888d ago

not regular demos..XBLA demos
they never go away

ELite_Ghost3887d ago

this is the update that comes twice a year? and you pay 60$ for a service the same as PSN?

neogeo3887d ago

So whats new that I would care about?

DrRage773887d ago

hey TROLL!

this is not the complete update list....go wait beyond for some games that are getting delayed on your delaystation......

KillJoi993887d ago

MS does listen to its customers....?*baffled*

Oh and DelayStation, lolz, nice.

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Boink3888d ago

like what I see so far

clan blade would be great too.

Salvadore3888d ago

Looks like a promising update, nice job MS.

mighty_douche3888d ago

cool update, some actually useful stuff in there unlike most of sonys.


Sam Fisher3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

is just a virtual dashboard with walking around and play chess and checkers while we have a "gaming myspace" and still even if we dont have an update we still got private chat (debating 4 ps3), in game music (debating) and of about or i think 100 capacity friends list....hmmm.... chess or all of the above? u choose

edit: yea but the last gen had since the begining and trust me by my calculations sony gamers r losing more money the us if u want me to evaluate press f5, if not press Esc

mighty_douche3888d ago

im not gonna bite. but "all of the above" is coming to sonys console. sooo....? not really sure where your going with that but hey.... fanboys dont need a reason huh.

whoelse3887d ago

Home owns but Sony add updates more often than microsfot therefore each update is smaller. If you add up all the new features on the PS3 since the spring update and all the updates that will be in this, you'll find Sony has added a hell lot more stuff in.

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Sam Fisher3888d ago

i still love how the delaystation is next gen and this is "Last Gen".... u guys are still debating on ingame music...lmao... while we have all of the above of wat u guys were debating.... i thank the devine nine i bought a 360

mighty_douche3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

grow up dude, i had everything the ps3/360 had years ago on the PC, do i ram that down your pi55y 512mb throat? no...

console gamers, behold! the mighty console key >`<

Sam Fisher3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

sorry do not cumpute do not cumpute ....error.....error

edit: first off ur pc gamer... they r dying.... ur like an endangered species.... go wither in a corner with ur pc which prob cost 299$ and like 5000$ worth of mod chips

mighty_douche3888d ago

99.9% of PC issues are related to the noob user! you get alot of these issues huh? understandable. shame the same cant be said for RROD.

Vavoom3888d ago

I'm confused, do you not own a console?

mighty_douche3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

ps3 mate, but i still know where the power is, PC. oh but lets not forget about the empty pockets that go with it.

[EDIT] @Vavoom, see thats why i love the PC, its functionality.

Vavoom3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

Thanks for the reply, I feel ya man. I have the ps360 and loving it. But, I was just curious, that all.

Thanks again.

Edit: I have a pretty powerful PC also, but I use it for digital photograpy and photo editing, and cutting music traks. (photoshop, lightroom, Sony Acid, etc.)

n00dl3s3887d ago

@ Sam.

They have been saying that PC Gamers are dying off for years. The bottom line is that you still get a better quality multiplayer experience from any PC game when compared directly with it's console counterpart. Single player games are still plentiful as well, and play better than their console counterparts.

Let's not mention the Games for Windows initiative that is making PC gaming more accessible for everyone, or the gigantic, thriving MMO scene that is barely represented at all for the console crowd.

Look at BF2142, WoW, Team Fortress 2, Supreme Commander, C&C3, Quake Wars, Crysis, Call of Duty 4, UT3.... the list goes on and on. All of those games and more are either exclusive to the PC or significantly better than their console counterparts. Team Fortress 2 on PC is almost a completely different experience than the console version. Look at those and tell me that PC gamers are a dying breed. Obviously you are quite mistaken sir.

r3xmund13887d ago

@ Sam fisher - ...And learn how to spell, it makes console owners look like trolls everytime a fanboy tw4t turns up with the grammatical prowess of warm butter....

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