WoW Killers Step Up to the Plate

Pixels or Death's Chris Leddy speculates on the decline of Blizzard's planet-smashing MMO franchise, and whether or not they have anything to worry about:

"Reports show this month that Blizzard’s Warcraft MMO have dropped by a massive proportion (800K), course – Nothing that will stop Blizzard employees sleeping at night, what with their remaining subscriber base of 10.3Million users!"

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DeeBee2445d ago

The decline in WoW subscribers was inevitable, it happens all the time once a given expansion has been out for long enough and people are itching for some totally new content and/or game changing alterations. The figures will pick back up a bit once MoP is released, then slowly decline months down the line.

Also, given that Blizz (in a sneaky manner) have introduced gold selling into WoW via the tradable pet you buy with real money from the Blizz store, it's no surprise to see a decline in numbers as the gold farmers can't turn a profit and move onto the next game.

WoW will eventually die (a very slow death), but no one factor or game will ever be able to claim the crown for being that which killed it.