The Dumb Shooter vs. The Pretentious Indie Game

If there’s one thing gamers are good at, it’s arguing. And in the last couple of years it seems that we have found a new topic. On the one hand, we have people who are usually interested in FPS games and have been accusing games like Braid and Limbo of being ‘pretentious’, and on the other we have the indie gamers looking down on those ‘dumb shooters’.

But can’t we all just get along?

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Genghis2444d ago

nope, people who like MW3 never make fun of other games because they typically don't care about other games. article is making up shit to get hits.

Mr Tretton2444d ago

Why is anything that tries something different or artful have to be called pretentious? The overuse of the word pretentious is pretentious. I swear I never even knew that word existed a decade ago.

TheGameFoxJTV2444d ago

Maybe you should pick up a book, or something some time. >.>

2444d ago