Interview with Alex Sim-Wise: The realities of working in games journalism

Alex Sim-Wise tells us how when reviewing games she's been 'threatened in the past for giving low scores' and that when it comes to girl gamers - 'in reality there are tons of girls who play video games'.

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Titanz2444d ago

But you can't expect me to take her seriously, when she's objectionably posing as a pinup girl.

mixelon2444d ago

I don't know why that should impact anything. She used to do modelling. How does that make her any less knowledgable or passionate about gaming?

Tanir2444d ago Show
Titanz2444d ago

It's mainly sending out the wrong message.


Flattery won't get you nowhere with me (I'm being sarcastic, and I find your comment extremely rude).

Agent_hitman2444d ago

I clicked the article because of the titz

Acquiescence2444d ago

then there's this really awesome video game advert where she gets her boobies out. It's rollicking good stuff. Can't remember what it was for though.