Batman: Arkham City Review- CPG

In this action adventure game, that follows up Arkham Asylum, you put the cowl of the Batman back on and stop the chaos being caused mainly by Joker in Arkham City, a walled off area of Gotham City after the destruction of Arkham Asylum. Tapping Rocksteady again to produce the game, as well as Paul Dini, the veteran comic book author who scripted Arkham Asylum, Batman:Arkham City is an all around homerun. Many of voice actors are those from both the animated series and the previous title, and the characters that are fresh for this game are all excellent on giving the characters personality which is becoming to them. The dark and gritty art style that identified Arkham Asylum is employed in this title as well, with the addition of a number of character touches, such as the trademark green of the Riddler being seen in many areas of the map. The gameplay is virtually the same as was found in the previous game. Slight tweaks are able to be found throughout the title, such as the inclus...

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