Editorial: Free to Play MMOs to be Industry Standard by 2015

Drew Bergmark of WouldYouKindly: Free to play massively-multiplayer online games will be the industry standard within the next five years. With a shifting of the traditional hard-copy market to an online transaction shop, it’s obvious where MMOs are going.

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pennyman2353d ago

seems most of the PC games we cover are these Free 2 Play MMO's - just did a Gundam interview yesterday to post next week

Perjoss2353d ago

I think once World of Warcraft drops to a certain level of subs they will make it free to play too, if anyone can afford to do this its Blizzard. I quite like the route SoE went with the pass system which costs a bit more but you can play any Sony mmo as long as you're paying for the pass.