4 Things Rockstar Needs To Take From Red Dead Redemption For GTA V

Original Gamer: "The hype for GTA V has begun with the release of the debut trailer causing gamers everywhere to wonder what’s in store for them this time around. Grand Theft Auto IV received plenty of high marks when it came out, sitting at the 96-97% on Gamerankings (depending on the platform) however, a growing sentiment amongst gamers is that the game was not deserving of such high scores.

As a fan of the series, I gave the game a 9.9/10 as I felt that it was incredible all around. Even then, I’m hoping that Rockstar will learn more from Red Dead Redemption, which got a 10/10 from me, than GTA IV to make GTA V the best of the series."

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SJPFTW2357d ago

GTA has to take the shooting mechanics. Red Dead was way superior to GTA in that aspect

Sugreev20012357d ago

I absolutely agree,RDR had one of the best shooting mechanics of any open world game.
The article itself is awful.Most of the points listed have been noted in other articles countless times,like Roman's incessant calling.Plus including Brucie among annoying characters is pure blasphemy lol
GTA IV did many things right,but it scaled back on the craziness (and the entertainment value) of San Andreas,which had lots of people pissed.Rockstar clearly learned that when they released the awesome GTA:The Ballad Of Gay Tony,which really makes me hopeful that GTA V will be a return into the craziness of old.RDR was a very serious game,which I hope GTA V is not,even though RDR is an absolute favorite of mine.

Cenobia2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

I hope you aren't talking about the auto aim. I hate it. It takes away any challenge and makes both games a lot less fun.

I know you can turn it off, but when the game is designed around auto-aim it can cause issues.

It is especially irritating for their multiplayer. The gameplay is basically "see who has the best gun and locks on first." I hated both multiplayers because of this (as well as GTA's huge lag issues).

gypsygib2357d ago

Brucie was funny.

GTA needs the shooting mechanics from RDR (without auto aim of course) - it was so satisfying seeing every bullet have a realistic impact.

No other game I know has done shooting as well IMO.

Most games a guy gets shot and nothing happens until you get the final kill shot.

Spacemagic2357d ago

How about a story that doesn't turn to shit at the end?