PAYDAY: The Heist – The Steal of the Century? (JPS)

IDFinners of Just Press Start writes:

"I may not be sat here in a rubber mask and a sharp suit (due to the lack of a suit more than anything else) but the grandiose criminality of PAYDAY has certainly had an effect upon me. The premise, much like the greatest of heists, is elegantly simple: You and your criminal companions must execute various elaborate heists, from bank robberies to liberating a prisoner from police custody, by completing objectives and surviving waves of law enforcement. As with any great plan the success of this title was going to rest, almost entirely, upon its execution. Has Overkill Software managed to bring this premise to justice, or do they deserve to go down for life?"

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SageHonor2447d ago

VERY FUN.. If you have buddies to play with.

JsonHenry2447d ago

^^ That must be why I don't care for it. No friends, just random people to play with. I got in on the PC though. And even though there are a bajillion PC gamers out there I seem to only know 2 in real life.

SageHonor2447d ago

Yeah, you do not want to play with random people