IGN: Battlefield 4 Confirmed by EA President

EA has allegedly confirmed the existence of Battlefield 4. According to reports on Twitter, Electronic Arts president Frank Gibeau commented that "there is going to be a Battlefield 4" during a keynote at the University of Southern California.

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Majin-vegeta2147d ago

If Dice release more expansions like Karkand for BF3 i don't think we will need BF4 for quite sometime.

Murad-D122147d ago

Yeah, something expected, most of the time or always the developers start planning for the next game after their current game is released, sometimes dlc map packs are actually places they wanted to put in their new game ( Uncharted 2 DLC pack )...
but i think its being announced to soon

Forbidden_Darkness2147d ago

Why does it matter if they announce it now or later? We know its coming obviously, this is pretty much just for share holders to know what's coming and whatnot.

Hufandpuf2147d ago

Of course there is, but it better not come out next year. If it does though, let it be BF2143, not BF4.

Ares84HU2147d ago

I'd say Bad Company 3 instead.

killerhog2147d ago

Maybe EA wants to go with the "it's cool to hate" for bf games and will release BF games annually?

TheGameFoxJTV2147d ago

If they can keep making DRASTIC improvements in a single year, then by all means. But, if it's CoD style steps, take more time. I like my games to actually improve.

gamingdroid2147d ago

What if it has been development for 2-years?

I bet you it will be very similar to BF3 though....

Shackdaddy8362147d ago

Me wanty BF:2143. I miss titan mode :(

Ser2147d ago

I'm a Battlefield whore, but if EA decides to pump out new installments annually like CoD, EA / DICE can say goodbye to my cash.

Sparticus_12147d ago

Quit will buy it..and you will like it...stop the trash talk son!!!

Ser2147d ago


I haven't played a CoD title since MW2. (Check my PSN ID if you don't believe me : )

I'm not even kidding. I will NOT be buying annually released BF titles. Trust me.

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SockeyBoy2147d ago

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say there is going to be a BF5 as well...i'm just saying.

Psychotica2147d ago

Please don't let it be yearly...

C_Menz2147d ago

The next Medal of Honor was already teased along with BF3's release so BF4 is still a long ways away. Most likely Medal of Honor will release once every 2 years and the same with the Battlefield and Bad Company spin offs. That way each game stays fresh.

Medal of Honor is slightly more towards single player and a more "CoD" like multiplayer.

Bad Company for a less serious singleplayer and for a mix between MoH and real Battlefield multiplayer.

Then Battlefield that will be all about large multiplayer and the mix between air/ground vehicles and infantry in large scale battles.

For example:
MoH 2010
BF3 2011
MoH 2012
Bad Company 2013
MoH 2015
BF4 2016

2fk2147d ago

yes this seems like it's going to be the pattern...hopefully the next MOH will play more like Battlefield cuz the last one sucked

creatchee2147d ago

This illustrates the hypocrisy of people who complain about Activision milking people with yearly releases. EA does it too - they just rename the games like people won't notice.

Ser2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

Uh, sorry, but MoH was NOTHING like a BF title.

Categorizing them in the same group is just asinine.

Pandamobile2147d ago

I can't see DICE making another Bad Company game. They've finally given console gamers a real Battlefield game. They can't double back on that and start pumping out more console-focused Bf games unless they release a BF2142 sequel on pc, even if it's only multiplayer.

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