France cracks the whip on internet piracy

In a bid to fight internet piracy, the French government has revealed plans for a new anti piracy system which will block internet access to those caught downloading or sharing copyrighted content. The new system will warn identified users and threaten them with either suspension or termination of internet subscriptions should they refuse to stop illegal file sharing.

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Syko3883d ago

Eh, It's ok they will surrender this too, soon enough. =)

bootsielon3883d ago

Internet was born free and is meant to remain free. It's not our fault that others use it for piracy. France FTL.

Bullseye3883d ago

of the French government is ilegal or at the very least highly intrusive. The day governments and business decided it was they who owned the internet, was the day the real internet died

caffman3883d ago

AAAAHHHHHH matey!!!!!pull in the gangplank and push out to guns.We be in for a fight!

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