Rumor: Grand Theft Auto V Info Leaked by QA Tester

GR - "A colossal amount of information appears to have been leaked by someone purporting to be a QA tester of GTA 5."

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Ahasverus2359d ago

Wanna know something funny? This one does feel plausible :O

Shaman2359d ago

Yea, this sounds very very possible.

ShoryukenII2359d ago

I think this is real because I remember on the highway (in the trailer), there was a place called Little Seoul. I automatically assumed that there would be some Korean gangs. So it is either this is a very educated troll (which I find highly unlikely) or this guy is telling the truth. It is times like these that I am glad that this may be the most popular video game franchise on the planet.

Dee_912359d ago

so the deserts would be like the never ending ocean in other gtas
I can already see my self crashing planes into the mountains lol

I really like the idea of season change too

I hope these rumors and the ones about the abseiling and triathalons are true.Cant wait for some frekin official news.Wanna hear something before e3 2012

alien6262359d ago

If it it goes to San Bernardino County then i hope i could see my house or around there...i live in the san gabriel valley region between LA and SB but this game is going to be massive i cant wait

gta28002359d ago

"tetas grandes mountain rage"

Aka "Big tits mountain range"

That has Rockstar humor written all over it lol. I'd definitely say these rumors are more plausible than the other ones which from the start sounded too good to be true.

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LOGICWINS2359d ago

Yeah, I expect the story to be the best one yet in the GTA franchise. I like the idea of an ex-con trying to do right by his family in the only way he knows how. I wonder if there will be mini games where you can play with your children.

I'd be awesome if your family reacted to the things you did. For example, if you drive up to your house in a Lambo, your wife would make a comment like,

"Who did you have to kill to get that!?"

AliTheBrit4202359d ago

>Seasons change

oh god yes please

>weapons customisation

all my money rockstar, its yours!

omi25p2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

I threw my money at the computer screen............ Im sorry to say it didnt work

showtimefolks2358d ago

I think with all these leaks we will very soon see a gameinformer issue with gta5 as the cover story. Just like gta 4.

I want a Vegas like city in gta 5 where we can gamble and stuff
And please give us a hd collection of gta 3,vc and SA
The rpg elements like eating and getting fatter were a nice touch but I guess not in gta 5

Other than that who knows what RS are actually planning

I will say it again as a long time gta fan in my opinion gta vc was the most unique setting and a lot o fun. But SA was the best over playground to play in

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swishersweets200312359d ago

if true i just read a whole lot of dissapointment. Some things sounded good.

LOGICWINS2359d ago

"No big planes (ex. AT-400) will be present."

"Bowling will be making a return, which will also be tied into a few missions."

"Character clothing can be changed, but the overall appearance of the character can not be changed."

"Children of the protagonist will be present in V, however they cannot be killed."


brew2359d ago

There are Samquanches in the game !

OcularVision2359d ago

Oh cool, I'm going to be playing a middle-aged dude.

Games4ever2359d ago

I can't stop sneezing. I must be allergic to bullshit.

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