Sonic Generations Is The Best Sonic Game In Years (Review) | GameBlurb

GameBlurb writes, "First off this isn’t the revival that its being touted as. You also have no choice but to play as both modern and classic Sonic in this game in order to progress. It also stands as a really awesome game, with tons of goodies for old school and new-gen fans alike. Contradictory you say? Read on to see why you may want to play this game over and over again."

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MicrocutsX22384d ago

Probably the best damn Sonic game i've played for ages, save for Sonic fan remix.

SoapShoes2384d ago

Mine will be delivered today! Can't wait to play it.

Pixel_Enemy2384d ago

I just picked it up yesterday and it is awesome! The 2D levels are a serious throw back to Sonic 1, 2 and 3 while the 3D levels are like Sonic was on the dreamcast.

If I could change only one thing about this and all of the other sonic games in the past it would be the lame dialog and completely remove sonic's friends from history.

Give me good game play, drop the cheesy story and dialog.

princejb1342384d ago

yes the demo was so awesome, had a lot of fun with it
i hope this game sells well

Kiroe2384d ago

ditto! And lets hope that Sega recognizes that it is due to solid gameplay and listening to the fans.

tigertron2384d ago

I wasn't too impressed with the original demo which was timed, but I'm willing to give this another go because I do love Sonic, and SA2:B is one of my favourite games.

I'll probably pick this up for christmas, although I do have one there a decent story to this? I'm hoping for a story like the Sonic Adventure games.

SoapShoes2384d ago

This game is more about gameplay. If you're looking for a SA story then you'll be disappointed. It's a rather shallow story but it more than makes up for it in gameplay. The second demo was much better than the first.

tigertron2384d ago

Ok, thanks for that. I'll be sure to download the demo. :)

Pixel_Enemy2384d ago

This game has levels straight from SA2!

trenso12384d ago

Might just pick this up then but I hope the make a SA3 I would stop playing bf3 just to play that