MW3 - Must be Over 18 to Use Elite. This Could Change Soon

MP1st - "Call of Duty Elite is the perfect service for the hardcore CoD players, but its launch has been anything but smooth."

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Criminal2299d ago

Yeah, they should properly address this problem. Not the usual looking into it comment.

Mister_V2299d ago

Hmm, odd but perhaps not surprising that they would slip up like this. MW3 should be a game for young adults only anyways, but we all know that will never happen.

Hufandpuf2299d ago

Hmm, it says M on the ESRB, but they're allowing everyone? That sounds like an unloyal money grubbing tactic but oh well, I'm talking to deaf ears.

achmetha2299d ago

modern warfare does..not elite. im not for little kids playing m rated games but i also dont see why a stat tracking service is limited to 18yoa

AHall882299d ago

Well considering that Elite is keeping track of a M rated game, why would little kids need to use it anyway?

BattleTorn2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

Because the Stats that Elite track exclusively come from M-rated content.
Giving under-18s access to the Stats-tracking is indirectly approving of under age players, and showing little concern for the ESRB.

But it doesn't matter, there's absolutely no way activison will let Elite stay 18+. It would alienate the majority of their fanbase.

Does anyone know whether Halo Waypoint has a ESRB rating?

achmetha2299d ago

i see your point.

i still find it hard agree with though. sure the campaign is rated m but the multiplayer which stats are being tracked would be rated t.

at this point i would have to agree with the logical insight though.

Ares84HU2299d ago

Unloyal money grubbing tactic from Activison???? NO!! Definitely not Activision!!!! Just look how original MW3 is!! They definitely went all out making this game.


MrBeatdown2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

How about we let parents do the parenting, not Activision?

sashimi2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

Well clearly parents can't do the parenting or else the government wouldn't have do it for people.
i.e. shopping @ bestbuy for games now require id, why you ask? because apparently parents can't control what their kids buy therefore i have to show my id all the time and i'm 23 -_- back in my day games didn't need id only cigarettes & alcohol.

svoulis2299d ago

Not like the parents wont put there information in anyway...

finbars752299d ago

If thats the case then 90% of the people on elite will be gone unless mommy or daddy does it for

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