Stupid News: Modern Warfare 3 Addresses 'Quick Scoping' Making it Quicker

Love it or hate it, Quick Scoping is back in Modern Warfare 3. And it looks to be quicker and more annoying than ever.

Excerpt from the Article: If you’ve ever played Modern Warfare 2 and been on the receiving end of someone’s ‘quick scope’ sniper shot, you know how frustrating it is to be picked off by someone using a weapon designed for calculated and precise shots in such a rushed and, frankly, unrealistic manner...In fact, if the video below is any indication, it seems ‘Quick Scoping’ is actually easier in MW3 than ever before.

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princejb1342298d ago

lucky I'm not playing with this guy, i would be so pissed
QS ruined mw2 in many ways

Spitfire_Riggz2298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

I thought that was mw2

Hockeydud192298d ago

I love quick scoping. Something you can't really find in other FPS's

NarooN2298d ago

If you actually bothered to PLAY any other FPS's like Counter-Strike or Unreal Tournament, you'd know quickscoping has been around before CoD even existed. But the difference between games like that and CoD is that it actually took skill in those games.

e-p-ayeaH2298d ago

Hopefully a patch will resolve the problem.

Oldman1002298d ago

I hear that swat teams all over the world are ditching their submachine guns for high caliber sniper rifles for more effective room clearing.

Cosmit2298d ago

Lmao. Bubbles for you sir.

banner2298d ago

Damn! Guy is good... Has to be annoying playing against him, good thing you can just drop out the match and start another and mark that guy into avoid.

Can you host a game to your own rules and still move up in ranks?

optimus2298d ago

but how would you know who does it or not since you can't see through your opponents eyes??

nolifeking2298d ago

Yeah, you can see through your opponents eyes. Killcam is exactly that.

banner2298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

Huh? Just remember "Joethesniper" his name. go into recently played with and mark avoid. I don't have mw3 yet but in blops at the end of the match it tells you who killed you the most, it will more then likely be that guy.

I know you can do that on 360 not sure I'd the ps3 has that feature.

Lol nolifecking I left out that bit of obvious.

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The story is too old to be commented.