Rayman Origins Demo Drops Today

Get your Rayman fix today in advance of the November 15th launch.

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Sizzon2296d ago

The demo was pretty good, solid 2D platforming with awesome graphics.

KingOfArcadia2295d ago

Huh. I've had the demo since Tuesday or Wednesday. Played through it last night, was really nice - looked great and handles like butter. I'm hoping the wife or the kids decide on this for an x-mas present so I can get some time in on it myself.

opoikl2295d ago

Man this game is too awesome. The in-your-face colors, the high-pitched voices, the fluidity of the gameplay.. I haven't felt this magical vibe since I first entered the Bayou in Rayman 2: The Great Escape on psx.

Cannot wait to play this little gem..