Ten reasons why Modern Warfare 3 might just be the best Call of Duty game yet

AATG writes:

"We all have our favourite Call of Duty games, but what follows are ten reasons why with the release of Modern Warfare 3, Infinity Ward might well have just released the very best Call of Duty game of all time."

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WolfLeBlack2322d ago

My top Call of Duty game remains the original Modern Warfare, though Call of Duty 2 comes in a damn close second.

For me they nailed the pacing and gunplay perfectly in Modern Warfare, and the multiplayer was superbly designed and balanced, with Killstreaks serving to make the game more fun rather than just bloody annoying.

zeeshan2322d ago

Here is the 11th reason: The author of the article is Delirious.

mike_d_2322d ago

So true! The balancing was perfect in that game.No unrealistic perks like marathon,commando,one-man army,etc.I still play it to this day.

ambientFLIER2322d ago

Yes, because seeing explosives through walls with Bomb Squad and reloading a light machine gun in two seconds with Sleight of Hand is super realistic...

Getowned2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

I find the game is way too fast paced online ,the running is so damn fast I hope they slow it down a fair bit and why (at least in my experience) are the machine hand guns better then a assault rifle -_- so far I like blops pace better for MP(and MW2,and really wish it was like cod4)on MW3 it's too damn fast for those tiny maps. MW2 wasn't even this fast.and they need to fix the spawning!! I don't want to die 5 seconds after I spawn!

Chuk52322d ago

The best COD is a tie COD2 and COD4

WhiteLightning2322d ago

Untill 3 months later when they find it's not that good and isn't up to the first MWs standards. Then people will wait untill May next year when the new one is announced, get hyped up about, watch the E3 videos in June and finally wait untill it comes out.....

and the cycle continues.

aPerson2322d ago

It's kinda sad actually. These games sell millions, yet their success isn't deserved.

You'd think people would have caught on a few years back that the Call of Duty franchise was gradually going downhill (quality-wise), but judging by MW3's sales figures, it's obvious they haven't learnt their lesson...

I have no sympathy for people who buy this game and end up feeling ripped off.

DarkBlood2322d ago

thats what she said last year

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