Push-Start: Uncharted 3 Review

Uncharted 2 is widely regarded as the greatest game to ever grace the Playstation 3, but Naughty Dog is attempting to challenge its own crown with Uncharted 3 Drake’s Deception. Is this third installment another jewel in the collection, or destined to be lost in time.

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IGW_Fobia2359d ago

Good review. Aamazing game.

How do you feel though about the many re-used mp maps from Uncharted 2?

SoapShoes2359d ago

Talbot > Flynn..

^As for your question, at least the reused maps are changed. Instead of flooded ruins it's molten ruin. Also I like the mp so much better in UC3 than UC2.

Aither2359d ago

Talbot is easily smarter than Flynn and he just has this evil vibe that is really creepy. The only problem that I have with Talbot though is I didn't really get what drove his character, I wanted to explore a more deeper side of Talbot. He had everything going for him as far as a villain.


But what was his motivations? What did he whisper into Marlowe's ear? Was it Marlowe that was in control or was Talbot in control? What was Talbot's deep connection to Marlowe? Sometimes it seemed like he was more evil than she was and he was just pulling her strings.

*end spoilers*

I don't know but everything about Talbot seemed like he was just the equivalent to an evil version of Drake. As far as likeability and impact is concerned I think Flynn left a greater impression. We knew what his motivations were and we knew his character. But NOTHING beats Eddy Raja.

SoapShoes2358d ago

Some things are better left unmentioned. The whole not knowing about who was in control or his connection to her made it up to you to decide, open ended so to speak. Plus it gave off a pretty mysterious vibe to him that probably wouldn't have been pulled off if we knew everything about him.

koehler832359d ago

Here's the breakdown of my experience with Uncharted 3:

-Restart from last night's check point. Beat the gunfight of which that check point is at the start.


-Find yellow thing to climb. UP+X, X, X, X, X, X, X, Left+X, X, X, X, X, X, O. X to jump a couple times in some direction.

-Repeat last step replacing 'Left+X' with 'Right+X' then continue to next step.

-Lasers, RPGs, grenades, kamikaze dudes in suits and bulletproof ogres of men with shotguns all at once, from all directions.

-Repeat last step 4 or 5 times then continue to next step.

-Quit and go to bed frustrated.

Strange_Evil2359d ago

So how is that bad? At least it's better than most of the games which only have 2 steps...

-Cut scene

-Kill Hordes of enemy in a corridor

-Rinse Repeat...

koehler832359d ago

I didn't say it was good or bad. I said it was my experience.

supremacy2358d ago

Man, this is overwhelming. Imagine posting all these perfect reviews on a fridge, you would have run out of space by now. Seriously..