Random Battle: Uncharted 3 - The Random Battles are short mini-shows that discuss one topic at a time, from a variety of standpoints and personalities. Each person brings a different point to the conversation to speak to.

Today’s Monster: Uncharted 3. We discuss the ins and outs of latest Naughty Dog action-adventure, focusing on its storytelling, gameplay mechanics & controls, visual design, and making us happy as fans.

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JeffGrubb2300d ago

I heard Uncharted 3 causes gayness. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

DragonKnight2300d ago

I heard that MW3 causes Herpes. Enjoy.

MajorJackHoff2300d ago

I have no idea what these comments are supposed to prove. Then again, what is my comment supposed to prove?

DragonKnight2300d ago

He made a dumbass comment trying to "insult" Uncharted 3, probably because he's a fanboy. I made an equally dumbass comment to show him what he sounded like.

JeffGrubb2300d ago

Also, it's a Seinfeld reference, and I didn't really mean it.

JeffGrubb2300d ago

I agreed with DragonKnight!