Batman: Arkham City's map app gives you a real-life bat-gadget

Batman: Arkham City's official map app gives you your own real-life bat-gadget to help thwart the Riddler.

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Gungnir2447d ago

I'd like to see more strategy guides move to this model. It seems handy.

THR1LLHOUSE2447d ago

This sounds awesome.

Maybe somebody can modify Siri so it responds to "Oracle" instead?

SybaRat2447d ago

Where did he get such wonderful toys?

The_Nameless_One2447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

It's an iPhone/iPad app.

here's the link:

DaMist2447d ago

:) he was quoting the joker. but on topic, the app is pretty sweet. I could see batman using this, i'm using it.

Jocosta2447d ago

Sucks to own an Android phone I guess.

chanmasta2447d ago

Dude, just Google it for an Android .apk to download for free.